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Renters Insurance

Should I Get Renters Insurance?

Absolutely! We strongly suggest that you obtain a good Renters Insurance Policy. In most cases, the Owner’s insurance will not cover any of the Tenants belongings.

Renters insurance takes care of the obvious, such as stolen items from a break-in, but did you know it could possibly cover unexpected incidents such as valuables stolen from your vehicle?

You can typically get covered under good renters insurance for things like:

Smoke damage
Water damage
Visitor injuries

What is the average cost for a Renters Insurance Policy per month?

Think about the cost for your Netflix or Spotify subscription. You can get Renters Insurance for around the same price. The cost of having to replace your couch, electronics, jewelry and other items that you may own, can add up. Having your belongings recovered with a Renters Insurance Policy is definitely a wise choice. There’s dozens of options for good Renters Insurance.To get started, please contact an Insurance Company of your choice.

Disclaimer: Divine Approach Real Estate and Property Management does not sell insurance. Renters Insurance can be obtained by contacting a licensed insurance agent or agency.

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