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Real Estate Agents

  • Do you have a listing that hasn’t sold yet?
    Refer those listings to us! When we place a Tenant in the home, you will receive a $100.00 Referral Fee.
  • Is your Buyer having a hard time getting pre-approved to purchase?
    For every Tenant you get to lease a home that we manage, we’ll pay you $100.00. All our listings can be shown easily. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.
  • What if my client decided to buy or sell?
    Every client that you refer is recorded under your name & WILL BE GIVEN BACK TO YOU the moment they express interest in buying or selling.To ensure you get paid within a timely manner, please fill out the below form. In addition, please have your client(s) list you as their Real Estate Agent on their Rental Application.
  • When do I receive my referral check?
    Divine Approach Real Estate and Property Management Firm, LLC  will  pay a referral fee to an licensed Agent upon completion of the following:
  • Tenants(s) signs the lease.
    First month’s rent is paid in full by the Tenant(s).
    Security Deposit is paid in full by the Tenant(s).
    Tenants(s) move into the property.
    When your referred Client signs a Management Agreement with us.

  • Buyer and Seller referrals are also accepted! You will be paid for these referrals once the close of escrow occurs. Payment amount will be based on an executed Referral Agreement.

    Refer a client now!

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