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Are you looking to purchase additional investment properties or sell your existing investment property (or portfolio)?

We help our investors navigate through all aspects of the buying or selling process. From helping you choose the best mortgage company to secure financing, preparing and presenting cash or financing offers on your behalf, to listing your portfolio for sale. Our Agents are here at your disposal to guide you through the buying or selling process. For out of state or out of the country investors looking to purchase, we do offer virtual showings. This allows you to tour the property you’re interest in virtually, before making the decision to move forward.

Are you looking for help managing your existing portfolio? Here are a few ways that we can assist you.

  • Advertising and Marketing:
    Divine Approach Real Estate and Property Management Firm’s team of property management professionals have researched and developed a thriving advertising and marketing formula that reaches a vast amount of prospects in our service areas. We use our formula to market your property to a vast amount of prospects.
  • Routine and Emergency Maintenance:
    As a full-service property management team, we coordinate all repair requests submitted by tenants with our maintenance team. We have a 24-hour emergency maintenance line to assist tenants with all incoming repair and maintenance requests.
  • Tenant Background Screenings:
    We thoroughly screen every applicant to confirm they meet all of our requirements. This consist of credit and background screenings, prior and current rental history verification, and current employment verification.
  • Property Tours:
    We take care of the showings for you! We will coordinate and schedule all self and agent guided property tours with current prospects during times that are convenient for them.
  • Property Inspections:
    We can conduct thorough walk-through inspections to ensure that the tenant is maintaining the home as they are required to do.
  • Financial Oversight and Reporting:
    When you work with Divine Approach Real Estate and Property Management Firm, you take an important step towards maximizing your investment. We assist you with finding reliable tenants and we also keep an eye on your budget as we complete all daily management tasks.
  • One Time Tenant Placement Service:
    Do you feel comfortable managing your property yourself? We can help you with procuring a qualified tenant. We will advertise your property using our proven formula, screen the tenants as they come in, walk them through the lease signing process, and then turn them back over to you. Please call our office for additional information regarding this service.
  • One Time Tenant Screening and Lease Signing Service:
    Do you have a prospective Tenant but need assistance with thoroughly vetting the prospect(s)? Utilizing this service allows our team to thoroughly screen your prospects for you. All prospects will be required to submit a separate application. Upon application approval, we will walk the applicant(s) through the Lease Signing Process. Once the Tenant(s) sign their Lease, we turn them back over to you.Click Here to Contact Us
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